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Can Samsung's Squid Leap Over China?5Gthis Gantry?hot88热竞技

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Samsung electronics is looking to boost its share of the Chinese smartphone market as it launches its 5G network, officials said on Sunday.

  10month18day,Samsung opened a flagship store on Nanjing East Road, a famous pedestrian street in Shanghai.,The company’s latest smartphone is on the store.、Tablet and smart watch。800The square meter area makes it the largest Samsung store in China.。

  11month1日,China's three major operators in Beijing、Major cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou officially opened5GCommercial service,And plan to expand the network to the end of the year50Multiple cities。

  Operates the largest store on one of China's busiest and most commercial streets,Is part of Samsung’s marketing strategy in China,China's5GThe market is also growing rapidly。

  Yuanda Securities(Yuanta Securities)Korean analystChoi Nam-gon表示,"Wireless service users of China's three major telecommunications companies have reached12Billion,Is a Korean user24Times。But in2014Year to2018Year,Increased competition and government regulation,The average annual growth rate of these companies has declined。This means that they are now facing more and more5Gservice requirements。”


  This situation will also be a suitable opportunity for Samsung to resume its growing share of the smartphone market in China.,Currently capable of manufacturing and selling in the world5GNetwork equipment manufacturers rarely,And Samsung is one of them.。

  Samsung’s smartphone business in China is2013Has been flourishing since the year,Market share is about20%。But because of Chinese domestic manufacturer HuamiOVRise,Samsung’s share has been eroded。According to market tracking agenciesStrategy AnalyticsThe data,Second quarter of this year,Samsung’s share of the smartphone market in China is only0.7%。

  In Samsung's view,China launched 5GService is a decisive opportunity,Can dominate China5G市场,And increase their share to double digits,Because of its other strong competitor Apple’s newiPhone 11The series does not support5G。

  An official of Samsung Electronics said:“Opening of our largest flagship store,Reflecting our strengthening in China5GMarket determination。We also plan to increase the number of stores in other cities.。”at the same time,The company plans to launch its collapsible smartphone in China this Friday.Galaxy Fold。


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